Mr Lou House, “Your Vacation House”

Start to post image with no design…pic by Valdi & Alfi Prakoso

Holiday is one of the most awaited time of the year for some people. Up until now, Bandung is still the main destination for domestic and international tourists to spend their holiday at. The wave of fresh air and diverse choices for tourist attraction could easily found at every corner of Bandung. Ranging from nature attractions to shopping-spree destinations, Bandung has a lot on its sleeves.
To have a comfortable place to stay during your holiday doesn’t have to be tricky. Mr Lou House: Your Vacation House offers a convenient place to reside for your family or group of friends. The house itself has three (3) bedrooms (1 main bedroom with private toilet and 2 seperate bedrooms) that could be occupied with 6 persons or so making Mr Lou House could be your choice as a place to stay during your vacation. Mr Lou House also provides a washing machine, pantry, living room, and other akin facilities. With 150 m2 building area and two stories, Mr Lou House gives a spacious area to do both indoor and outdoor activities.
Placed at the upper area not that further away from downtown of Bandung, Mr Lou House is situated in a small cluster surrounded by fresh air and natural view. Although it is not in the urban area, Mr Lou House is nearby to the main tourist attractions in Bandung, such as Lembang.
Mr Lou House offers an efficient and comfortable place without the disturbance of traffic or city noise. Built in with minimalist and modern concept, Mr Lou House will give you a warm feeling of coming home. With an affordable price, full-on facilities, and safe access, Mr Lou House could be an easy and definite option in your next holiday.

Twitter : @thelouhouse
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Ph : +62 22 203 8668
Fax : +62 22 204 59165
Mobile +62 81 822 0164

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